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The Official Place For Multi WR’s


February 8th 2003, 12:37 CET


Four new multi WR’s, and one new record in Other Contests. Yesterday it was two years since I started updating the multi WR list, wee :)


January 31st 2003, 16:03 CET


New multi WR’s again. In the Other Contests section DarMoed lost three of his precious records…


January 24th 2003, 17:00 CET


11 (!) new multi WR’s. TorInge & Tantal managed a great achievement on January 18th, when they got their combined totals under the 25 minutes limit! Zweq & Juzam did the same two days later…


January 18th 2003, 13:09 CET


Wonder boys Zweq & Juzam have done it again, check the multi WR’s and the Combined Totals.


January 12th 2003, 12:40 CET


Combined totals table 40 is up.


January 10th 2003, 16:22 CET


A bunch of new multi WR’s again, but one is removed: Feshak’s & Oslotron’s Zig-Zag, of 40.67. It was a cheat by mrickx. So right now there is no multi WR for that level. Anyway, happy new year, combined totals will be updated soon.


December 24th 2002, 11:42 CET


Many new multi WR’s, and a merry Christmas to you!


December 16th 2002, 12:30 CET


A bunch of new multi WR’s this time, plus there’s a new top spot for combined totals.


December 8th 2002, 10:40 CET


New multi WR table. Looks like Double Trouble is an attractive multi WR these days.


November 29th 2002, 17:02 CET


Ok, new table, containing a giant leap downwards on Zig-Zag, among other new WR’s.


November 19th 2002, 15:46 CET


Multi WR table #70, Combined Totals table #38, and one Other Contests record. Also, I was going to add a new rule, because I didn’t think it existed, but I discovered it did (so as you can imagine, very few followed this rule). That rule is that you are to tell both the nick you want to have on the table, and the nick you use in the state.

And yet again, I must remind you to compress the file(s) you are sending into one single file. How hard can that really be? If you don’t have a program that does that, go and download WinRAR:


November 8th 2002, 16:52 CET


A couple of new multi WR’s.


October 4th 2002, 16:43 CET


Some better times in the combined totals.


September 30th 2002, 10:05 CET


One new multi WR this time, plus one new rule: Tell the name you use in the state.dat as well.


September 6th 2002, 15:30 CET


One new multi WR this time.


August 30th 2002, 19:16 CET


Some new multi WR’s. And do I have to keep reminding you to remember compressing the recs/state into one single file? rules.html


August 23rd 2002, 17:00 CET


A couple of new multi WR’s. Abula wanted the e-mail address written somewhere on the page, so there it is ---------------------------------------à

It’s kinda small, but that’s how it’s got to be.


August 11th 2002, 14:33 CET


A bunch of new multi WR’s, following the Finnish Elma Meeting…

The multi WR total is now under 25 mins!


August 3rd 2002, 21:30 CET


Some new multi WR’s.


July 26th 2002, 18:46 CET


One new multi WR.


July 18th 2002, 18:51 CET


Some new multi WR’s and combined totals.


July 4th 2002, 15:36 CET


Two new multi WR’s at table #60, and some improved combined totals. And please, write your combined total time in the mail, as I’ve mentioned several times before.


June 21st 2002, 19:43 CET


Only one new multi WR this time, and that on the longest break from updating ever..


May 31st 2002, 12:00 CET


One multi WR now, by Mick and the sexy Ang :)


May 24th 2002, 15:37 CET


A couple of new and improved combined totals, as well as some more contest records by DarMoeD, placing him in the top grid position. Btw, remember to write down your combined total time, it says so in the rules, which I seem to take too easy on.


May 18th 2002, 11:39 CET


New multi WR and new combined totals. TorInge broke the 26 min time limit on combined totals, check out his time here.


May 10th 2002, 16:05 CET


Some new multi WR’s, and new combined totals.


May 3rd 2002, 15:24 CET


A bunch of multi WR’s this time, go see. Oh yeah, and I got 16 years yesterday :)


April 26th 2002, 12:47 CET


New brilliant multi WR’s, DarMoeD closing in on TorInge in contest records and, awesome combined totals.

Team ReC also added in Links section, because they wanted me to.


April 20th 2002, 14:10 CET


One new multi WR, and some bettered combined totals.


April 12th 2002, 15:31 CET


A couple of new multi WR’s. PS: Remember to compress the file(s) you are sending!


April 5th 2002, 15:04 CET


New multi WR’s, Other Contests and Combined Totals.


March 26th 2002, 12:30 CET


New records in Other Contest section. As an effect of me taking a holiday, there will be no updates at least until next Wednesday (As if it would anyway…)


PS: This site can now be reached from this URL:


March 8th 2002, 19:12 CET


One multi WR for table number 50.


February 22nd 2002, 15:25 CET


New multi WR’s, Other Contests and Combined Totals.


February 8th 2002, 15:14 CET


New multi WR’s and Other Contests.


February 7th 2002, 14:42 CET


Today this multi WR site is one year old!


February 1st 2002, 18:03 CET


A couple of new multi WR’s and Combined Totals.


January 25th 2002, 10:19 CET


New multi WR’s and new Combined Totals.


January 11th 2002, 15:18 CET


A lot of new multi WR’s, Other Contest records and Combined totals.


January 6th 2002, 12:25 CET


Correction on Miguel’s and Uube’s combined totals.


January 4th 2002, 18:50 CET


A couple of new multi WR’s, and also, the top 20 Combined Totals exceeds twenty positions, so now it’s plain “Top Combined Total Times”


January 1st 2002, 02:28 CET


Happy new year!!


December 28th 2001, 18:01 CET


One new multi WR, and finally, 20 spots are filled in the Top 20 Combined Totals!

TorInge increases his lead in Other Contests, and I changed the places for the levs Something New and Don’t Speed, so that they go along with the lev file names.


December 20th 2001, 12:53 CET


One new multi WR.


December 7th 2001, 15:12 CET


Some new multi WR’s and again, new Internal Contest records.


November 30th 2001, 21:07 CET


Two new multi WR’s and even two new Internal Contest records! First new recs there since February 23rd in fact. Cool that some people still play those.


November 23rd 2001, 17:35 CET


A couple of new multi WR’s, and one new combined total as well.


November 16th 2001, 18:20 CET


Some new multi WR’s.


November 8th 2001, 17:05 CET


A couple of new multi WR’s, and also new combined totals. New rule for combined totals too, not very significant, but still, easier for me :)


October 30th 2001, 17:19 CET


Seven new multi WR’s this time.


October 19th 2001, 16:02 CET


A couple of new multi WR’s, and bettered times on the Top 20. And finally, the multi WR total broke the 26 min. limit mark!


October 2nd 2001, 14:20 CET


18 new multi WR’s this time!! Also updated combined totals. And, a strange thing happened. Misa got the same multi WR time on Islands in the Sky as Miguel and Uube, but I had to give it to those that sent in first. Hope that’s OK with everyone.


September 28th 2001, 21:30 CET


A couple of new multi WR’s and combined totals.


September 18th 2001, 15:30 CET


Some new multi WR’s and combined totals. Take a good look at Downhill!


September 8th 2001, 16:07 CET


One new multi WR this time, and also improvements on the top 20 table.


August 24th 2001, 15:00 CET


The 30th multi table and the 15th combined table on this page are ready!


August 10th 2001, 18:01 CET


Three new multi WR’s! I would have updated earlier, but I have been on vacation.


July 26th 2001, 14:12 CET


New multi WR.


July 6th 2001, 16:12 CET


One new multi WR and one new link.


June 28th 2001, 18:33 CET


Again, a new multi WR and one new link.


June 26th 2001, 14:31 CET


Not much to say, other than new multi WR and one new link!


June 22nd 2001, 18:08 CET


New multi WR again!


June 17th 2001, 14:29 CET


New multi WR!! Also changes in link section.


June 7th 2001, 16.16 CET


Just some changes and additions in the link section.


May 22nd 2001, 17.05 CET


New multi WR.


May 14th 2001, 16.24 CET


At last, new multi WR’s and combined times.


May 12th 2001, 13:35 CET


One removal in “Rules”; the logos no longer have to be in GIF format.


May 3rd 2001, 12:37 CET


One new multi WR, and also, the logos should be visible for everyone now.


April 30th 2001, 7:58 CET


One multi WR and one combined time now. Also some small Link changes.


April 22nd 2001, 20:23 CET


Yet again new multi WR’s and combined times.


April 20th 2001, 22:27 CET


Finally, a new update! This time it’s a bunch of new multi WR’s, and also new combined times. For the very first time a player gets below 27mins in combined totals!


April 12th 2001, 22:56 CET


New multi WR’s and, at last, some new combined times.


April 2nd 2001, 19:38 CET


New month, new multi WR!


March 30th 2001, 15:22 CET


One smash multi WR now, by mrickx & Bobisek.


March 27th 2001, 13:55 CET


Ok, the rules for logos are up now!


March 24th 2001, 13:36 CET


One new multi WR now, by elg. Also one thing you might notice is that I’ve tried with logos, and don’t kill me if it won’t work or something. And, if it works, the teams that don’t have their logo on the table now, mustn’t send me logos until they’ve read the rules about it. Those rules aren’t up yet, so be patient until that day comes.


March 23rd 2001, 13:47 CET


One multi WR and better combined times by MoorZe & JAnen.


March 16th 2001, 17:08 CET


One improvement on the combined totals list and three new multi WR’s.


March 10th 2001, 12:52 CET


One new wr and two new folks on the combined list.

I made some minor changes in the link section as well as adding one new link.


March 3rd 2001, 15:46 CET


Just one new multi WR, by Terrance, who also got on the combined totals list. And, hehe, I changed the date on the last update to March 1st, instead of February 29th :P


March 1st 2001, 17:06 CET


Two new multi WR’s today, and also, if someone didn’t notice last time, I made the color that indicates “new time” a little bit greyer, so it’s not so sharp on your eyes.


February 23rd 2001, 16:36 CET


NPhoBiaz goes into a split 1st place with Dezz as he takes 7 internal contest records! There’s also new multi WR’s; Dezz & NPhoBiaz now has 19 records, while MoorZe & JAnen has 18 records. Dezz & NPhoBiaz makes progress on the combined totals as well; the four in the top seem miles ahead of the rest. I’ve added one link also, to team BMX. Try their höyläTRON contest, I recommend it!


February 19th 2001, 12:06 CET


One multi-WR and one contest-record. And it seems that there has been some misunderstandings about “touch the exit sign and die” on the internal contests. Some people believe that the “exit sign” is the flag, but it is the flower. So, now I’ve changed it to “touch the flower and die”, so that it won’t be any more misunderstandings. I don’t blame those that thought it was the flag, because it said “exit sign” some places, and “flower” other places. So, it really was my mistake, actually :(


February 18th 2001, 16:13 CET


One new Other Contests record, by tee.


February 16th 2001, 17:07 CET


SirTL takes three new records on Other Contests.


February 15th 2001, 18:00 CET


One new multi WR, and SirTL got a record on Other Contests.


February 12th 2001, 16:55 CET


Some new Multi WR’s, and Dezz & NPhoBiaz better their combined total.


February 11th 2001, 13:07 CET


New Multi WR’s and Combined Totals. Chrono Crossers is really ruling the tables!!


February 9th 2001, 16:45 CET


Dezz & NPhoBiaz form Chrono Crossers took 18 new records!

Also new world records by Krux & weirdman from Robro acrossers, and TL sent his state in for the Top 20 Combined Totals. Btw, in order to be added to the Combined Totals list, you have to tell me to do so. There’s one new link as well.


February 7th 2001, 15:34 CET


Ok, I have now taken over this list =) If you have new records, please send them in and if you have some comments I’ll gladly take that too. Note that I have kept the records from Tumex’ page, so don’t send in records you already had. I also noticed that MoorZe & JAnen have way too many records. You other guys have to play more!!! If you look at the content, you’ll notice a section called “Other Contests”. There’s some contests I had on my homepage before, but they’re here now.



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