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The Official Place For Multi WRís




Rules for new multi WR times and combined totals:


If you have better times on some tracks, send me a mail where you tell your exact time of the drive, and also attach the state.dat and the .rec file (both compressed in a single file).


If you want to get yourself onto Top Combined Total Times, you first have to check that your time is good enough, then mail me your state.dat (compressed).

Tell the time in the mail as well.


PS: On both of these you also have to tell me your nick (If you use a different nick in the state.dat than you want to use on the tables, say so in the mail), possible team and the name you use in the state.dat as well.


Rules for logos:


- The logo mustnít be too large, most of the logos are 20Kb or less, but you can send in one a bit larger, but if itís too big, it may not be included on the table.


- Compress the logo





- You can tell me the entire team name.


- You can tell me the homepage address to your team.



Send All Mails Here >>>



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